atwork EXOM Exchange Online Migration PowerShell Module

atwork EXOM is a high-performance tool (PowerShell module) for consultants and administrators. Its purpose is to assist you in migrating mailboxes between Exchange On-Premises organizations and Exchange Online (Office 365).

In doing so, atwork EXOM exceeds the usual range of Microsoft standard tools and procedures by far!

Alongside a carefully planned and monitored migration of mailboxes, we are also able to offer you extensive reporting.

By request, the entire process can be accomplished before launching the migration.


  • Facilitated creation of migration batches by use of single selection or *.CSV files
  • Automatized assignment of licenses based on Active Directory Groups
  • Backup of mailbox authorizations
  • Detailed Reporting for management staff, administrators, and/or end-users
  • Detailed and adaptable "Pre-Migration" checks and reports
  • Checks for invalid UPNs
  • Verification of e-mail addresses with the option of removing invalid addresses (e.g. ''.local'')
  • Adoption of mailbox forwarding (Forwarding Address und Forwarding SMTP Address)
  • Adoption of regional mailbox settings (Mailbox Regional Configuration)
  • Elimination of mailbox authorizations via security groups and explicit configuration of authorization on mailbox level
  • atwork Exom Shell
  • Adaptable "Post-Migration" tasks after migrating the mailboxes
  • Activating Exchange Online Archive
  • Establishing Mailbox Quota
  • Activation/ Deactivation of mailbox features, such as POP3, IMAP, OWA, EAS, etc.
  • atwork Exom Shell


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